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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for current and future students, their families and educational advisor

Our Students

Zhu Wenjie

The GSSP helped me to improve my English proficiency and helped me to join the student clubs and make new friends. I like the small classes and the professors. Everytime I have any difficulties they are very kind to help.
UNH is great because of the quiet studying environment which is suitable for me. In my spare time I like to join many outdoor activities or take the train from the campus to Boston. Transportation is very convenient. We have buses to the mall and nearby towns for free.

Nguyen Nguyen Gia Han

The GSSP helped me to get used to the American classroom, teaching and studying culture and at the same time helps me to improve my English reading, writing and communication skills. I liked the small classroom environment; I have more time to discuss with the professors which are very helpful to international students like me.

Manlai Batmunkh

UNH GSSP has a great business school. I get to learn many aspects of business from marketing, finance to human resources management from the top professors. I enjoy the beautiful nature of the campus and getting to live and study with many students from different countries.

Saleem Mohammad

The GSSP helped me to prepare for my second year studies at UNH. My English writing and speaking skills improved significantly. The campus has many great facilities like the engineering labs and computer labs for us to do some projects. Outside of class I like to play many sports such as rugby, basketball, ping pong and weight lifting as well as hanging out with friends for dinner.

Wu Yee Ng

I chose to study here because of the great engineering programs offered at UNH. The GSSP helped me to prepare for my university life. The professors and the staff are always friendly and ready to help me anytime I have some difficulties.
I enjoyed studying and learning different cultures and at the same time do some sports and traveling in my spare time. Be prepared for an awesome time here at UNH.

Chen Jouying

I choose to study at UNH because the university is highly ranked and it provided me with many great opportunities after graduating. The campus is very safe and peaceful, the professors are very helpful and my friends are very nice.

Muhammad Talha Khan

The GSSP helped me to understand the cultures and traditions here so that I can adapt well in the university. I choose UNH because of the well recognized university programs. I am getting a high quality education and at the same time learning new cultures and traditions from my international student friends from all over the world.
The campus offers a calm and beautiful environment, perfect for studying. After my classes I like to hang out with my friends at the gym, practicing archery and playing pool at the student centre.

Gulchin Isayeva

Durham has the most beautiful fall season in the world. I like the campus, the friendly staff and lecturers and the endless activities on campus. I'm never bored!

Fares Al-shamsi

I am not only getting a high quality education from a high ranking university, but also a quality student life. It's very convenient to go shopping at the mall, go to the beach for some fun or the gym to stay fit.

Wu Wang

UNH has a gorgeous campus. Many green trees and blue skies to enjoy over a game of basketball with American friends. Durham is a great place to live and it's tax free!

Batu Doyran

UNH has a really nice campus. Everyone is friendly and this creates a really warm atmosphere. UNH has a great academic environment with access to everything I need-sometimes it can be challenging-but professors and the UNH GSSP staff are always willing to help. On the weekends I like to go to hang out at the student lounge, visit Boston or even New York City.